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                WE ARE GLOBAL

                We balanced learning supports the student's social, emotional, cognitive, creative, physical development.While the prescribeb syllabusis a useful starting point, school has effectively adapted and enhanced the study structure to ensure that every student is adequately motivated, inspired, challenged.

                DIGITAL LEARNING

                Green valley embraces the vison that effective use of IT should be integral to the learning process to help students keep pace with the fast changing digital world they will inhabit after school. Efficiency is a huge benefit from having technology in the classrooms.


                Great emphasis is placed on these activities as they help in holistic development of every student and equips them with critical life skills. These activities are a part of the school experience and are conducted on specific days of the week,all year round.

                SKILLED FACULTY

                The faculty at Green Vallery Public school is well qualified and continually upgrades itself to understand the paradigm shifts in the field of education. They understand not only the academic needs of this century but also that social well being and emotional security is absolutely essential in present times.

                Our Features


                Well-ventilated, well-built and colorful
                tables and chairs to suit age and purpose of the children ...

                Environment Consciousness

                The school has several programs that emphasize on environment preservation.

                Math Skills

                Math intrigues and inspires a thinking mind to understand the concepts and establish connections between ideas. Green Valley follows a teaching model based on understanding , enjoyment and challenge

                National Cadet Corps (NCC)

                Ncc inculcates a secular spirit and promotes camaraderie and resilience


                A dedicated Sport and physical Education Faculty trains every stdent in an activity of his/her choice...


                Academic enhancement tour and outdoor trip options are provided to imporve the School experience.

                How do we Teach?

                Latest news & Events

                Annual Day

                Green Valley Public School celebrated its 3rd Annual Day on 4th March in the school premises. It was presided by the chief guest Shri.Dr.K.Senthilraj IAS (sub collector-Hosur)...

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                Sports Day

                Green Valley Public School organized its 1st Annual Sports meet on 16th of Dec 2016. Its main objective was to develope the students sporting spirit...

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